Our Pastor

Pastor Mark Slay



Bio: Pastor Mark started preaching here at KUMC in 2001 and is loved by the whole congregation and community. Growing up, he was one of three children and still loves spending time with his family and being at family gatherings. In his free time, he enjoys bicycle riding, fishing, reading, raising cattle, real estate, and motorcycling.


Don't be surprised if you find Pastor Mark eating pizza and reading a John Maxwell book, one of his favorite authors, or watching one of his favorite movies, such as Passion of the Christ and Forrest Gump.


Pastor Mark is very involved in other churches and will often be a revival speaker at various churches.


Did you know?

Pastor Mark almost crashed an airplane while taking private pilot's training.

Pastor Mark Slay


Sunday Morning

Worship 8:00 & 10:00 AM

Sunday School 9:00 AM


57599 Kennonsburg Rd

Salesville, OH 43778



Phone: (740) 679-2365

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